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Bicycle stands for repairing and maintaining bicycles

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Our most powerful solution for technical works, specially e-bikes and heavy bicycles.

Goliath Pro+ is a powered repair stand capable of lifting heavy bicycles. The powerful 360o basic clamp and all it’s accessories make it the top of the line.

It can be fixed to the ground, to a flat base or to a base with wheels.

Ref: G1



A strong alternative for non-powered bikes.

Even without a power engine, Goliath Manual is an extremely versatile tool at a very affordable price. Equipped with the 360o basic clamp and the possibility of adding most of the available accessories, it will satisfy a wide variety of users.

It can be fixed to the ground, to a flat base or to a base with legs.

Ref: G2


Wall Expert in small spaces.

Goliath Wall has been designed exclusively to work in smaller spaces. Equipped with the 360o basic clamp, it can be fixed to a wall and be easily removed to take advantage of the room when it’s not in use. It works as any other Goliath stand but at a fixed height.

Ref: G-Wall


A perfect partner for the work bench.

Goliath Bench is the most basic alternative for technical works like bicycle fork adjustment or handlebar cutting. Just like other Goliaths it can hold a bike and rotate it 360o to fix it in any desired angle. Designed to be mounted to a workbench.

Ref: G-Bench



The G2-RACE repair stand was primarily designed for professional racing.

It shares all the characteristics of the GOLIATH MANUAL support (G2) with the difference that it includes a set of four folding aluminum legs that allow it to be seated on any terrain or folded for transport.

It is designed to work mainly with non-motorized bikes, but it can accommodate and work perfectly with eBikes and of course bikes for all terrain, such as downhill or trials.

This support, like the entire GOLIATH BIKE line, is a professional support, very robust and intended mainly to be used outdoors, although it is also perfectly adapted to the repair shop.

Ref: G2-RACE



The G2-EVOLUTION stand is the professional alternative to the original G2 stand.
One of the upgrades of the G2-EVOLUTION stand is that it has a greater total travel height reaching a maximum of 1,700mm from the floor to the clamp, making it the highest GOLIATH BIKE mount of all.

It includes a base to fix it to the floor but it is also possible to fix it to the flat rectangular base G-P2 which is sold separately.

Another upgrade is that it includes a height locking ring. A very useful complement since it allows you to set the desired height allowing the support to rotate on itself while the bicycle is mounted on it, avoiding accidental lowering due to the weight of the bicycle.

Ref: G2-EVO