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Goliath repair stands were born from a real need of using a versatile stand for repairing and maintaining an e-bike. Sometimes hobbies lead us to the creation of a product that can be shared with the rest of the world, and that is exactly what is happening right now with Goliath!

All Goliath Bike stands and products are completely produced in Spain and commercialised by Metsistem Elda S.L., a company with a long trajectory and experience in design, manufacture and finishing of metallic components for a wide range of products and also injection of plastic pieces.

All Goliath products are strong and durable. Made to last long and become the main tools of every bicycle professional repair workshop.

Also, they are made mainly of steel. Steel is completely eco-friendly and one of the most re-usable materials. Goliath products use a minimum amount of plastic and rubber materials, necessary for certain pieces and wires.

In Goliath Bike we care about bringing the most innovative tools to ease the day-to-day tasks of professional bicycle workshops. Therefore, we are in a constant process of designing and testing of new products and solutions for all the related areas, from mounting to repair and maintenance of any kind of bicycle.