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Bead breaker 360º PLANET

This arm can be adjusted and mounted on all types of wheels and sizes available on the market (26/27.5/29 diameters in inches) and combine them with any type of tire and wheel width.

This tool is specially designed for MTB wheels, which due to their hardness or the use of MUS are very di cult to assemble and disassemble. Nevertheless, it can be very practical for any type of wheel that resists a comfortable assembly or disassembly.

Compatible with the following supports through the GOLIATH BIKE coupling system:
- GOLIATH PRO+ (G1) Requires multifunction support R-AC001
- GOLIATH MANUAL (G2) Requires lower coupling block R-AC009
- GOLIATH BENCH PLUS Place directly on the lower coupling of the bracket.

Ref: R-AC004

Pour les clients de France et Benelux (Belgique, Holland et Luxembourg) veuillez contacter notre revendeur:

Tel: (+33) 0 490 044 660

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To remove the bead from wheels, the bead removal arm must be housed in the lower coupling of the respective supports, placing the wheel on the axle of the upper coupling.

This arm is composed of an oscillating body that is placed in the indicated support, and contains some guides where the two planetary towers move. The movement of these is not  xed on a certain point, but they oscillate according to the pressure found in each part of the wheel adapting simultaneously.

The planetary discs are made of steel and are placed at a certain inclination to allow the wheel to turn while maintaining the symmetry of the circumference.
Once the arm is placed in the support, its tilting adjustment is manual. In the same way, the planetary gears are manually adjusted to the oscillation of the wheel.


Specific References



TIRE SEATER 360º PLANET - R-AC004 - User's manual multi-language

Download (732.49k)