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Wheel holder axles & chain tool

Axles for mounting and repairing wheels on Goliath Bike mounts.
Chain wrench to lock and facilitate cassette removal.

This set includes:
1 15mm axle for front wheel
1 12mm axle for rear wheel
1 Chain wrench for pinion cassette extraction
1 Universal wrench to insert compatible cassette extractor (not included)

Axles and chain wrench can be attached to the following supports:
- GOLIATH PRO + (G1 or G1-MMR)  with the multifunction holder. (R-AC001)
- GOLIATH MANUAL (G2, G2-Evolution or G2-Race)  with individual supports. (R-AC008 and R-AC009)
- GOLIATH BENCH PLUS (G-BENCH-PLUS) attached directly to the support.

Ref: R-AC002

VAT included

Pour les clients de France et Benelux (Belgique, Holland et Luxembourg) veuillez contacter notre revendeur Racecompany:



The 2 axles are made of steel and have a bakelite knob for the adjustment of the wheel on the axle. They allow the wheel to be mounted on the support for repair or maintenance.

The chain wrench is made of steel and allows the cassette to be locked and unlocked with the help of the universal key.

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Specific References



WHEEL HOLDER AXES & CHAIN TOOL - R-AC002 - User's manual multi-language

Download (769.12k)

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